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Our Team
Name of School: SECOND ENGLISH LANGUAGE SCHOOL “THOMAS JEFFERSON” Principal’s Name: Emilia Lazarova Students in the school: 1100 Address: 26 Traianovi vrata Str., k/s Strelbiste, Sofia 1480, Bulgaria School’s Website:

Student Names:

  • Boris Georgiev Pulev
  • Tsvetoslav Dimitrov Nikolovski
  • Raya Georgieva Ivanova
  • Martina Stefanova Dobreva
  • Kaloyan Kalinov Marinski
  • Karina Aleksandar Karabadzhakova
  • Desislava Stefanova Ivanova
  • Boyana Kirilova Savova

Teacher Chaperone Names:

  • Mariana Aleksandrova Boshnakova
  • Maria Metodieva Genova

Our students follow a five-year intensive course in English as a foreign language and a four-year intensive course in German, Spanish or Russian as a second foreign language. Besides that History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Philosophy are taught in English in 9th and 10th grades. Our school is among the top ten schools in terms of national end-of–course assessment tests.

Since our students have different interests, there are a number of extra-curricular activities they can choose from: maths clubs, web-design clubs, journalism, drama clubs, folk-dances club, cheer-leader’s club and a variety of sports clubs. Creative, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, our students often show their skills and intelligence by joining in different campaigns and competitions on local, regional and national levels.

We have participated in three two-year Comenius projects with other European counties (France, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Slovenia, Romania) and four Erasmus+ multilateral projects (Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, etc.).