District Court in Gdańsk http://www.gdansk.so.gov.pl
District Court in Gdańsk (Sąd Okręgowy w Gdańsku) is one of 45 district courts in Poland. It was established on 7th May 1945 replacing (together with Municipal Court) judiciary institutions functioning in the Free City of Danzig before the war and before that in the Kingdom of Prussia. The building was founded in 1907 as a Peace Palace by Prussian administration. We can still admire a Latin inscription “Suum cuique” (“To each his own”) above the entrance. These words used to be a motto of the Kingdom. Nowadays, The Distric Court occupies two buildings – the historical one in Nowe Ogrody street and a modern one in 3 Maja street. The Distric Court functions as both a first and second intance court, handling serious cases and appeals. Its jurisdiction covers an area of several Regional Courts. There are 600 people emplyed in the Court, among whom 160 are judges and 320 clerks. The Distric Court in Gdańsk is a leader among institutions promoting legal education and mediation in Poland.